The Games

Dizzy Bat Flip Cup

Think you’re good at flip cup? Think again! We put a spin on it… literally. Spin around the bat 15 times, run 30 feet, and flip your cup. Can your team dizzy flip more cups than the rest?

Giant Speed Pong

The classic drinking game just got a whole lot bigger. With giant pong cups and balls, each player races to fill all 6 cups before the other team beats them. Soak in the glory!

Giant Bowling

Right up your alley! Teams use a huge bowling ball to knock over as many pins as possible for points.

Giant Obstacle Course

First team to get everyone through the obstacle course wins. *We were going to name this “I Don’t Know, man. Just Run!”, but thought that may be too obvious. What do you think?

Tennis Racquet Race

Don’t drop the ball! Your team will weave through cones while bouncing a tennis ball on a racket. Collect as many as possible in the bin before time is up.

Tug o’ War

Last year the rope snapped in half! Don’t worry, we got a stronger rope this time. Show off your team’s brute strength and tug the rope over the line to victory!

 Two-Legged Hula Hoop Relay

All of the two-legged races at your family picnics were training you for this day. Pair up and stay connected with your legs in the hula hoops. Remember: you’re only as strong as your weakest hula hoop.

Wild Wet Rodeo

Yeehaw! Your team will get a foam cowboy hat to giddy up and dunk your head into a bucket of water and return to fill another bucket. Team with the most water in their bucket at the end wins!

Scheduled Games

Each team will compete in 8 games over the course of the day with 3 of the 8 games scheduled against other teams for points. We have a sneak peak of what to expect in the video above!

Scramble Games

Each team will select multiple scramble-style games to participate in. Teams have the option of choosing points-based scramble games to challenge just one team, or a head-to-head matchup with another team.

Charity Games

Each team can participate in the ‘Timed Corn Toss’ an unlimited number of times, for $5 per game. All proceeds benefit DC Field Day’s partner charities benefiting local community sports and facilities.